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    Love this chart of wonderful words

    • Evelina

      Character "Wheel of Emotions" -- A Truly Valuable Chart: "As a writer, this has proven to be a truly valuable chart." Delineates the wide range of emotional expressions that characters can have and groups them in a useful wheel chart. #novel #writing #resources #chart #emotions #emotional #dimensions #feelings #expression #personality #character

    • Tamara Castonguay

      Don't get caught using inexplicet words they WILL feed into their" game. Feeling Wheel: A great chart for writers #Feeling_Wheel #Writing

    • Diane Cambiano

      Good to Know - how to verbalize your feelings with the Feeling Wheel: A great chart for writers #Feeling_Wheel #Writing

    • Katie Crenshaw

      For all the writers out there, The wheel of emotions #writing •Writing tips•

    • Ruth Bass

      Feeling Wheel: A great chart for writers #Feeling_Wheel #Writing

    • Tracie Nall

      Feeling Wheel: A great chart for writers #Writing

    • Ana Maben

      Great chart for writing help.

    • Jena Ardell

      writers wheel word chart

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