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    • Aphai Manaspiti

      I love words! - Writer's Chart

    • Tiffany Applegate

      A writers best friend. would be good to use for a classroom writing assignment to help generate ideas for descriptive writing

    • Katie Woodard

      Creative Writing Feeling Chart

    • George Seymour

      Word Option Chart for Writers. This from the Ohio Education Association. Reportedly handy for therapists also. Click to see comments. #words #writing

    • Julie Bagy

      For all the writers out there, the wheel of emotions. Excellent graphic for increasing vocabulary use! #writing #homeschool #teaching

    • Megan Fulcher

      Emotions chart for writers<< love! I should make a large poster out of this.... Not like I write all that often but would be good for school

    • Melody Chord
      • 1 year ago

      This is so cool . if the entire class did this and no one could use the same word what a wonderful resource the children will create for their writing. Working together toward everyone's success. I LOVE this idea.

    • Janet Griffith
      • 1 year ago

      Love having this to help teams develop units and lessons and to help students broaden their word usage while writing. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Isabel Legarda
      • 1 year ago

      This shouldn't be used to teach children until the dangling participle and misspelled words are corrected; why perpetuate the carelessness? If we keep sending learners the message that mediocrity is acceptable we're just going to keep getting it.

    • Vickie Leaverette
      • 1 year ago

      Wow, people are actually arguing over this chart?

    • Debra Hall
      • 26 weeks ago

      If you find fault with typos in this graphic, thank a teacher! He or She taught you well. This is a great graphic to help folks (young and old) think beyond their basic feelings and provide more accurate communication that will surely lead to being heard and understood by others... which is what we all want, right?!!! :)

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