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not even with things, you surprise me everyday with the way you love me and our family! I love you with all of my heart!

How to win my heart(:

Single and looking for a man who… will be playful, if not spontaneous, with me. Via WinMyHeart

At weddings, this is my favorite part... watching the oldest couple on the dance floor. Makes me tear up everytime! I want this to be Andrew and I.

Seeing elderly people in love is also a great reminder that the best things in life don't change. I hope and pray that my life and marriage turns out the same way.


47 Years of Marriage, still buys her flowers every Monday. (via) Related Posts:Guy Hides Marriage Proposal In 148 Photos He Took Of…Husband Spends 2 Years Planting Thousands of Flowers…Ten Reasons Why Gay Marriage Is Wrong

You are never too old to laugh...marry your best friend! ha!

Made me smile too - I love the sense of humor. Pinner says - This made me smile. I am so fortunate to have someone who loves me as much as I love them. I'm looking forward to making silly faces when we are older. Life is so beautiful.

I'll sing to you.

Have sing alongs in the car with me! I always sing alone in the car!

I don't think guys realize. It's possible to be close without being "together."

Aidan, Sebastian I love when you love guys like a brother and they love you back, it's awesome because you can hang out without any of the tension that dating brings. (I love my BF tho)

glaedelig jul, merry christmas & joyeux noel

Cute holiday photo ideas for the newlywed couple

Missing you just as badly love. Close your eyes and deep breath. Feel my arms and my love around you. Warm never cold.

A List of 27 Most Memorable i miss cuddles i need them more tjan ever,just cuddle will not do it has to be that special feeling that flame that soul,

Dear Future Husband...This is one of the things I desire from you...That you will always have a song to sing to me. <3

Win My Heart. Sing to me even if you sound terrible I don't care I think it's cute.

The Elderly, are the future...  I love them they are why im going into my major. Old people are my passion. #humanservices #specializationinGeriatrics #love

Old Lovey-Dovey Couples

It was a busy morning, about when an elderly gentleman in his arrived at the hospital to have stitches removed from his thumb. He said he was in a hurry as he had an appointment at am. The nurse took his vital signs and had him take a seat,

A Walk to Remember- This wasn't a quote from the movie, but Landon & Jamie both proved that they would never give up on each other.

but one thing."You have to promise you won't fall in love with me." "love is like the wind. I can't see it, but I sure can feel it." Some of the best dialogues in the world are from this movie.A Walk To Remember.

Practice More Compassion

Practice More Compassion