...You probably shouldn't ask me about history.

Nerd Girl Problems

Nerd Girl Problem 445 - Your Friends Read NerdGirlProblems Because They Think They Are Funny, But These Things Are Serious Issues To You. Serious!

True story. Who needs real conversation when you have so many funny TV/movie quotes memorized?

Just finished the 50 Shades Series... sad day it was :(

nerd girl problems

Nerd Girl Problem #65

been there too many times!

nerd girl problems



math-word-problems. So me

So I guess "Did you watch the (Doctor Who/Firefly/Eureka/Star Trek/Warehouse 13/Sanctuary/Supernatural/Twilight Zone/Harry Potter/Etc) marathon last weekend?" doesn't qualify?

So true!

My life...just saying

Yep, I am NOT ashamed

Nerd Girl Problem


Steampunk Doctor Who Time Lord Necklace

Nerd Girl Problems #454