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Kohler Moxie Speaker Showerhead  Me & my tunes!!!!:)

Kohler Moxie Speaker Showerhead

You don't need a significant other to enjoy listening to music in the shower. But just like this bluetooth-enabled stereo shower head that streams music directly from your mobile device, it sure helps.

25 Unusual Usb Designs.

how lovely and elegant! White key usb drive i want these!

Jawbone - pulsera capaz de medir nuestra actividad diaria y también el sueño

wear it this belt tracks your sleep, steps, calories, pace, distance and can wake you up or send you reminders to get up from your desk by vibrating. Can also use the iPhone app to create a food journal. No need to really use your mind.the future?

Faucet 7 LED Light Showerhead Nozzle Bathroom Wall-Mounted Rainbow Waterflow New in Shower Heads | eBay

Faucet 7 LED Light Color Change Showerhead Bathroom Wall-Mount Waterflow Chrome

I want it! Color Changing Showerhead Rainbow LED Shower Head - this would be a good idea for kids who don't like to take showers!

Best Social Media Infographics (check em' out!)

Top Tech Trends Of 2011: Last Year At A Glance [Infographic]

CATEGORY: Marketing Trends TITLE: Top Tech & Marketing Trends Of 2011 DESCRIPTION: The thinkers at G+ have created a great Infographic that looks back at the top tech trends and players for Which of these will have the most impact on your business in

Scan Marker

Scan Marker - A pen shaped scanner that will scan any printed text and automatically insert it into any application on your computer.

A First Home Design for Tech Geeks .@DR4WARD Dr. William J. Ward infographic

The latest home technology represents significant advances in entertainment, convenience, and cost savings over technology of just a few years ago.

12 Borderline Genius Gadgets You Need For Your Kitchen - Impulse Buy                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Magic Tap Drink Dispenser Love this for the kids or for anyone who has a hard time balancing the heavy gallon while pouring milk

HA! This is the greatest measuring invention for pasta. You can choose portions for child, avg wt, obese person, or you can eat like a horse!

I Could Eat A Horse by Reykjavik Corner Store >> Spaghetti Measuring tool! Who knew this existed? Small, adult and family cooking guide