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I love this! We could do it at the beach. | couple photography, engagement photography, nature

Make the best of your cloudy day! Diffused light everywhere creates a soft, romantic feel. Notice her pose too, playful but feminine, snuggling in closer for a very sweet embrace.

I love this | Black and white | Kiss her | Couples and engagements photography | Pose idea

Praying for this moment in my life. @Robynn Oglesby Girlfriend! We will find our Bearded tattoo boys soon. LOL ;)

Joshie and I will have to do this on our vacation at the cabin next summer!

from the ring .. . to the comfort of her very hands.. . to her soul's very lively embrace.. . she was "the one".. that he had been longing for... "(c) 2013 b4technicolor"

One of the most popular engagement pics on Pinterest... Our sweet photographer was kind enough to be willing to duplicate this pic. It's definitely one of my favorite photos!!!

absolutely gorgeous photo. I love her dress, I love the scenery, and obviously I love the kiss.

engagement-photography. Love that they took them with the dog... a must do for us :-)

I haven't seen this done with a shadow. This is way more cute than the average "umbrella pic"