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  • AshLee DeMarinis

    great activity teaching ratios and proportions plus useful link to Dan Meyer's Three Act Math Tasks which is a collection of creative real-world math problems supported by videos (math centre enrichment?) | math problem-solving

  • Donna Vanderweide

    Great Math lesson for Middle school Math = Love: Sugar Packets and Proportions

  • Shannon Mulvany

    Proportion Activity using juice and soda - math ideas

  • Karen Vance

    8th Grade Math Proportions. How much sugar is in each drink? I would use this ideas as a project. The students would pick four similar foods and compare their sugar content with graphs.

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Real Life Bad at Math Pictures! These are great to show your students to let them find the error.

i is a number: If Barbie Were as Tall as Me- A Lesson in Proportional Reasoning

Nice strategies and visuals for solving math problems. I appreciate that "use your fingers" is at the top. It should not be a bad thing. Those are some handy built-in manipulatives we were born with.

This activity consists of twelve proportion problems for students to solve. Students will only work with whole numbers to solve these proportions. This activity can be used for practice, as a review, as a math center, or as an assignment choice for differentiating proportion lessons. An answer key is included. CCSS 6.NS CCSS 7.NS

Math = Love: Foldable Love Cross Multiplication Solving Proportions; Unit Rate Fraction / Decimal / Percent Triangle "Is over of equals percent over one hundred." Part over whole equals percent over one hundred. Percent of Change Ordered Pairs Coordinate Plane Foldable Scatter Plot Foldable - 3 Types of Correlation Domain and Range Algebra 2 Factoring Foldable

The kids made self portrait mosaics and then found the perimeter, area, and fractions that would make their art piece a "Math Mosaic."

Persevere in solving problems? Want to see if your kids really know what they are doing when they are problem solving? Want to focus your kids into the process of problem solving? This simple one page problem solver includes a place for students to choose their strategy, to choose their math concept, to show their work, and to justify their answer. It also includes a

Dan Meyer - real life math problems

Real world math errors for problem solving. Great math starters/journals. "What's wrong with this picture?"

Here's an editable problem-solving template that focuses on the strategies Draw a Picture, Find a Pattern, Choose an Operation, and Make a Table. There is room for students to show their work as well as write out the steps they followed to solve the problem.

Math = Love: Foldable Love (WAY into our future- but the math teacher in me couldn't resist the pin)

Solve and Snips- Real World Problems to Engage Students