Small Group Strategy: Using Photo Cards

These are great guided math center games that you can do in small group or several groupings - using decks of cards. ...

I Have-Who Has: ABC Order (This game works whole-class or in a small group. In a small group, each child receives more cards to start the game which keeps them engaged for a longer period of time.) $2.00

I few weeks ago I blogged over on my blog about my small group. In case you missed it, here it...

when she's wearing princess crown, students know that they can't interrupt her (small group, assessments, etc.)

Discussion Group and Literature Circle Kit: Taxonomy participation guides, learning station question cards and cube templates make small group work easy on teachers and fun for students. $

Lists: This is an activity that can be used in small groups or in a writing station. Each letter of the alphabet has directions to write a small list ab...

What if? To start the year to introduce how to be self managers when the teacher is working with small groups.

Use these task cards to help you manage independent reading. They can be used for writing prompts, whole and small group discussions, learning stations and reading conferences. #readingtaskcards

Simple Science Vocab Strategy!

Inference is such a tricky skill to master, but these 24 cards can help! Use them orally in small groups, or individually as a writing assignment at a literacy center. $

Learn about electricity and magnets while playing this slap-jack style game for partners or small groups. $

Grouping strategies at your fingertips! Free download!

Worry Warriors Small Group Counseling Curriculum for early elementary-aged students from The Counselor's Corner

This would be a good way to organize Social Studies research for projects! Given to partners or small groups and have the class be the teachers! Love letting them be the teacher.

Main Idea FREE! Add this free product to your reading comprehension test prep library! Main Idea anchor charts are perfect for small group instruction or RTI intervention groups.

Mini Anchor Chart Stand. Perfect for use during small group instruction! Directions for how to make this are included in the post.

Neat Idea! One student is selected to be the "Ask Me" person (to help students who need assistance) while the teacher works with small groups-no disruptions for the teacher!!!

Here's a form for teachers to use during small group instruction to track student progress. This is a Word document that can be edited.

Easy to prep spinner games FREEBIE! Designed for grades 2-4. Perfect for small group instruction, partner games, intervention, or as a whole group review. Print them out and send home for easy summer review without a packet!

reading strategy cards... Great to give parents during conferences or curriculum night