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Lies That Losers Tell

When a company starts to lose its major battles, the truth often becomes the first casualty. CEOs and employees work tirelessly to develop creative...

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Why the World Needs a More Feminine Version of Success (it's all about the need for community and collaboration-- not sure that's solely a feminine trait, but certainly something to work toward)

most organizations regularly assess where they stand on employee engagement, using attitude surveys or pulse surveys. But to address real needs and move forward, they must also assess how enabled and energized their people feel.

Perfecting the Art of the Ask by Selena Rezvani - an article with implications for your private practice' growth

8 Rules For Creating A Passionate Work Culture - GREAT READ. I'm very lucky to say that I live in this work culture :)

Great tips on how to evolve your #career and engage in smart personal branding via @FastCompany (

Before Oprah was Oprah, before Jobs was Jobs, they were labeled as misguided dreamers rather than future captains of industry. There's always an attractive excuse waiting eagerly, hoping you'll take the easy way out. But the most successful people forge ahead. They realize that mistakes are simply data, providing new information to adjust your approach going forward.

"The disposable academic Why doing a PhD is often a waste of time" (Picture from article in The Economist)

What Kind of Listener Are You? The Opinionator: I knew one CEO of a major industrial company, a seasoned executive, who had a habit of cutting people off three sentences into the presentation of a new idea. "Look," he would snap, "let me tell you how I see this…" From there, he would proceed to express his opinion with no uncertainty.

3 steps to pursuing your ideal career--great article with good activities to help clarify goals.

Defining Your Companys Vision | Fast Company Inspiration for writers on aspirational language, keeping it simple. Disney: Make People happy

Learning To Flex Your Leadership Muscles: "At the end of the day, it’s about building a team of talented people, developing a culture that expects and rewards excellence, and giving them room to perform to their potential."