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    • Kelly Williams

      Just breathe and have faith that everything will work out for the best.- Need to remember this on a daily.

    • Kim Dziel

      Best of life lesson quotes

    • Happy Pinning

      Daily reminder to keep faith! Love this :)

    • Toni Marie

      Passive Program: Just put a sticky note on each door with a inspirational or uplifting quote.

    • Annie Welch

      Breathe, just breathe. My life motto.

    • Venessa Howard

      I thought this was a nice quote I can share with you Jason. It relates to the experiences you have with anxiety. Sometimes the best thing you can do is listen to your self-talk and turn your negatives into something more positive and realistic. It can lead you to happier feelings and increase your self-confidence. Don't give up, your faith is stronger than your thoughts. If you believe that everything can work out for the best keep that close to your heart and remember things will get better.

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    sometimes you need to step outside, get some air, and remind yourself of who YOU are and where you want to be.

    "Just be yourself. Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful, magical person that you are."


    Be present. Make love. Make tea. Avoid small talk. Embrace conversation. Buy a plant, water it. Make your bed. Make someone else’s bed. Have a smart mouth, and quick wit. Run. Make art. Create. Swim in the ocean. Swim in the rain. Take chances. Ask questions. Make mistakes. Learn. Know your worth. Love fiercely. Forgive quickly. Let go of what doesn’t make you happy. Grow. #inspirational #quotes

    I think everyone would benefit from reading these -- 25 Famous Quotes That Will Make You Even Prouder To Be A Feminist


    Love this

    Dead Poets Society = one of my favorites!

    I believe love does not stop; however, caring for someone can. Sometimes we put too much time and energy into people who do not appreciate it or reciprocate it. Some people push and push until we have to give in and acknowledge we can love that person but we cannot continue to revolve our world Round him/her.

    Love it.

    You live you learn

    I know I'm somebody cause God don't make no junk!!! I had this tshirt web I was little still have it in yellow

    Looking for the beautiful things in life. Finding the light when it dark.

    I love this!


    Focus on your own journey.

    I LOVE THIS!! She is the old me, and I will beat her!!

    Ralph Waldo Emerson


    age is just a number

    Love these. Especially the second to last one.

    People are prettiest when they talk about something they really love with passion in their eyes.


    Gotta pick myself up