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My deepest condolences Sweetie, I Know finding out that you are in fact White and not at all 'Gangsta' can be an emotional time.

Dead Giveaway

bahahahahhahahaha every time!


This is what goes on at the gym.

why kevin spacey maintains privacy

daylight savings

Grumpy cat new year message for all of us lol

Funny Birthday Cards, Humor Birthday Greeting Cards, Birthday Jokes

All girls need to hear this quote to make it through school unscathed.

Haha...all the time!

Story of my life.


That's how you look


AHHH! Right?!

AHHH! Right?!

For sho!!!!!

So true...

What's wrong?

My girlfriend asked if I needed a Bandaid

So very true!

Nice advertisement

Hold me back

Yes, so true.