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  • Cœur de Maman

    Love these little guys! They are Inca Terns, which live off the coast of Peru and Chile. They develop their white 'mustaches' or facial plumes as they grow up. Photo by Leslie Guinan

  • Christine Amisano

    Inca Terns (Larosterna inca), love their little staches! Habitat: Chile & Peru. via the Featured Creature

  • Caramela Nieves

    MUSTACHE BIRDS!! and off the coast of Peru?!?! its meant to be!! These very dapper, moustachioed birds are inca terns, a rare species of seabird that breeds on the rocky cliffs of the coast of Peru and Chile. Their calls are reportedly like a cat's mew, and both the males and the females have these magnificent, white facial plumes. Their total population has been estimated to around 150,000 individuals.

  • klg 419

    Moustache Bird [do i pin into feathered friends or just too funny? they are the CUTEST little feathered friends!]

  • Sena Serene

    Inca Terns, birds with moustaches! Such classy animals!

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