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the Ramones

The Ramones (on stage, 1976) ~dmvc

Joey Ramone

The Police

didn't you know how much I loved you...Kelli Pickler

Read his autobiography," Commando", he wrote it himself, and its a fantastic read.Johnny Ramone invented punk-rock guitar out of hatred: He couldn't stand guitar solos. So the former Johnny Cummings of Queens, New York, played nothing but concrete-block barre chords on twenty-one albums and 2,263 shows with the Ramones.

Best Punk Band Ever - The Ramones!


The Ramones. Let's face it, anyone looking like Joey could only succeed in punk rock. And, not only did he succeed, he and the Ramones created some of the greatest music ever and influenced generations of artists. Their seminal first album will never get old. I put this in "music" instead of punk because the Ramones transcend labels. Several members, including Joey, are slam-dancing with the angels now.

Sid Vicious + Lemmy Kilmister



The Misfits

Johnny Ramone, fastest rhythm shooter in the west.


Commando is absolutely necessary reading for an ramones or rock n roll fan

DeeDee- 'Nuff said

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Johnny Ramone