Creation matching game- very Montessori

Instead of matching picture to picture, match number of day to picture

Hands On Bible Teacher: New Uses for Everyday Items.

Hands On Bible Teacher Awesome ideas to teach bible stories!

Creation Blocks ... a fun developmental toy for toddlers and preschoolers during a creation unit (Genesis 1)

Blessings for Bible School Teachers: Creation Blocks - Cover 7 Kleenex boxes with wrapping paper or bulletin board paper and put a graphic on each box. Have the kids stack the boxes in order.

Bible Fun For Kids: God Made the World Song For Preschool

Free Printable: Bible Fun For Kids: God Made the World Song For Preschool - complete with colourful visuals

Drawing Lesson I: How to Draw the 6 Days of Creation for Kids - Part II - Answers in Genesis

Drawing the days of Creation - from Answers in Genesis. This is my favorite way to teach the 6 days of creation. I used to have a hard time remembering what was created each day, until I learned this neat trick.

This post includes not only an art project for each day of the week, but excellent suggestions for questions you can ask your children to help engage them in the story as well as some extension activities.

Looking for the Toddler Creation unit? Head on over to it's new home at Motherhood in the Trenches .

Nature and Bible Game Preschool Lesson Plan - such a cool idea to teach the creation days

Roll-the-Creation Game

Roll-The-Creation Game - Add as a station? Children win/finish when they have one of each item from key.