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Manual Egg

Retro Egg

Hand Egg

Beat Eggs


Kitchen Drawers

Memories Baking

Scrambled Eggs

Mom Hand

Hand beater

Cub Trays

Ice Cube Trays

Ice Cubes

Trays Hated

Cube Maker

Automatic Ice

70 S 80 S Memories

Childhood Memories

Taste Metallic

ice trays

Junior High

Jr High

Cartridge Pens


Cartridge Fountain

Peacock Blue

Pens Loved

Blue Ink

Black Ink

Cartridge ink pens

Opener Mom

Tin Opener

Grandma Dunn

My Grandmother


House Garage

Mom'S House

Ekco Usa

Easiest Things

Manual Can Openers Wish I could find one now - they opened everything in the house & garage!

My Grandmother


Manual Mixer

Er Volgens

Rotary Hand

Mixer Rotary

Beat Eggs

Electric Hand

Pancake Batter

egg beater,,,rotary mixer

Nate Mom

Nate Loved

Nate Ad

Mom Wouldn'T

Nostalgia Twtd

History Nostalgia

History 1970S

Jean Nate Perfume

70S Perfume

Fragrance from the past.

Meat Sandwich

Salad Sandwiches

Sandwich Spread

Help Grandma

My Grandmother


Si Faceva

Ci Si

Ham Salad

il trita si faceva anche il pangrattato!

Garters And Stockings

Stockings Seams

Thigh High Stockings

Vintage Stockings

Nylons Garter

Mom Wearing

Thigh Highs

Silk Stocking

Remember When

stockings & Garters. oh do I remember these, and trying to get the stocking seams straight!

Country Livingfrom Country Living

Things That Should Come Back in 2011

Old Libraries

School Libraries



Lovely Libraries

Libraries Reading

Electronic Age

Decimal System

Dewey Decimal

library card catalogue ---almost a relic in today's electronic age

Christmas Choir

Christmas Vintage

Christmas Memories

Merry Christmas

Nostalgic Christmas

Childhood Christmas

Vintage Christmas Decorations 1950S

Christmas Carolers

Classic Christmas

Caroler Candles

Wringer Washing

Wringer Washer

Washer Don'T

Met Wringer

About 1950S

1950 S

1950S Vintage

1950S Sears

Vintage Clean

Wringer washing machines...women had to be careful not to get their fingers or hair caught in the wringer. We had one just like this!

Etsyfrom Etsy

Industrial Red Stool

Red Stool

Stool Chair

Step Chair

Cosco Stool

Cars Sport

Luxury Sports Cars

Red Stepstool

Industrial Red

Necklace Bracelet

My little stool from back in the 60's

Pressure Cookers

Pressure Cooker Recipes

Hissing Sound

Mom Canned

Blackeyed Peas

Top Price

Dinner Mom

Mom Cooking

Pinto Beans

I remember my grandma and mom using this pressure cooker. I can here the hissing sound now...

Clove Beemans

Gum Black

Beemans Chewing

Beemans Black

Clove Gum

Gum Beemans

Vintage Chewing

Vintage Gum

Vintage Candy


Mom Wore

80 S Wore

Grandma Wore

70 S 80 S Stuff

70 80 S

90 Cdmg

80'S Stuff

Reading Teen

Anais Anais Perfume

Anais Anais, ma première eau de toilette

Etsyfrom Etsy

Vintage Atomic Aluminum Drinking Glass Set with Tray

Hated Drinking

Remember Drinking

Vintage Candy

Vintage Vintage

Vintage Styles

Things Vintage

Kool Aid Vintage

70S Things

Aluminum Colored

my mom had several of these...

Ge Iron

Steam Iron

Ge Steam

Electric Steam

General Electric

Flat Irons

Heavy Irons

1960S Mom

The 1960S

G.E. Steam Iron - 1960's. We did a lot of ironing in those days!!

Rocker Mine

Rocker Rocked

80S Rocker

Rocking Chairs

Rocking Chair


Exact Chair

Mom Rocked

My Dad

La mecedora de mi abuela

Pants Hated

Stirup Pants

Pants Wore

Pants Yikes

Pants Sadly

Pants Aka

Stirrup Stretch

80 S Stirrup

Stretch Pants

Stirrup Pants

Electric Razor

Best Electric Shaver

Shaver Electricshavers

Lady Shaver

1960S Lady

The 1960S

Fond Memories

Vintage Memories

Childhood Memories

lady sunbeam shaver

Bonnet Mom

Bonnet 1960S

Mother S Purse

Grandma S Purse

Grandma Wearing

Mom Wore

1960S 70 S



Rain bonnet! Omgosh yes-had to have one with you at all times!