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Highly touted for the part it played in HBO's TRUE DETECTIVE series... Robert Chamber's THE KING IN YELLOW is the real thing.. the entire genesis of the weird fiction sub-genre is here.. the seeds of the future works of H.P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith and August Derlith are here.. creepy and haunting, thought-provoking and evocative.. this is an anthology that could have been written last year, not in 1895.. amazing.

Dragon Ship (Liaden Universe) by Sharon Lee

67 Books Every Geek Should Read to Their Kids Before Age 10

The alien aesthetic of 1950s scifi artist Richard Powers evokes melting clocks, Bruegel-like landscapes, and the surrealism of Paul Klee. One look at Powers' surrealist planets and you know you're not on Tatooine any more. Powers illustrated science fiction book covers for several publishers throughout his career, but perhaps his most famous work was his 1953 cover Arthur C. Clarke's Childhood's End. You can find an even larger gallery of his work at The Powers Compendium.