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    Annular solar eclipse at Tokyo by Yoshihiro Sekine. "She was like the moon--part of her was always hidden away."

    solar eclipse

    Dark Side of the Moon


    solar eclipse

    Solar Eclipse by (NASA)

    Aurora borealis dancing with the moon -

    Eclipse from 35,000 feet

    Super Moon: June 23 2013

    Earth horizon. Moon rising in front of the milky way.

    total eclipse.. Btw can u see how the shadowing of this pic looks like the face of a bear and the sun/moon is its nose.


    This. You know how one of the themes in TSB is the darkness taking over the light? Well, it would be really cool if, somewhere, maybe instead of the piano on the corner of the pages, we had the moon phases, cycling over and over again. For Jasper.

    Solar Eclipse

    Beautiful; Full Moon is Being Slightly Covered by the Clouds.

    Full Moon in a Cloudy Night Sky

    We should all look up a little more, stare at our feet a little less

    cycle of the moon

    Cathedral to Massive Stars