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How to Freeze Mandarin Oranges

by Cynthia Measom
If you have a surplus of mandarin oranges, you don't have to force yourself to try to eat as many as you can before they go bad. Instead, you can freeze the oranges, either whole or in sections to keep until a later time. As long as the oranges are fresh and have a good flavor, freezing won't make a...
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    Freezing Whole Mandarin Oranges 1 Wash the outer surfaces of the mandarin oranges with mild soap and water or a fruit wash and water. Rinse the fruit and dry thoroughly with a towel. Freezing Mandarin Orange Segments 4 Peel the oranges and remove the white pith. Discard the peeling and pith. 5 Separate the mandarin oranges into individual segments. Remove any additional pith

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