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  • Rosemarie Burke

    oh you're team gale? how cute .. clearly you haven't read mockingjay. @josiepettpiece, liam hemsworth is clearly hotter than josh hutchinson

  • Brittany Cohee

    I'm not on either teams because the hunger games isn't fucking twilight buuttttt after the last book gale sucks a lot more!

  • Shannon Mesmer

    Mhmm. - My thoughts exactly when we were watching the movie, and my mom said she liked Gale better than Peeta.

  • Hailey Angulo

    oh you're team gale? how cute .. clearly you haven't read mockingjay. Haven't read the books yet but gale SUCKS!!

  • Mollie F.

    haha SO TRUE! Its not that he killed prim, that was just an accident! its that he was designing thing meant to kill people! and the fact that in the first book he said that killing people and killing animals was just the same! he is much to violent.

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So Northern Wyoming is part of the lumber district? Do they have any idea how stupid that is? Wyoming HAS no trees. It is scrub and barren wasteland. Wyoming being part of the lumber district= worst idea ever. How about coal? We've got lots of coal.

Hmm reminds me of a few...The Fault in Our Stars, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, any John Green book ever

So true!!! I didnt think this book was a happy ending at all. It was too sad. But i love the first two books.

and no one can kill a cute baker. Bc Josh is just that cute!

Me-"I just did not want Finnick to die. I really hope (kind of) that they cut this out. I guess they could make it work. Or they could find him after they got back to where they lived. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!! Like "FINNICK YOU SCARED ME TO DEATH!!!! FINNICK JR. AN I MISSED YOU!!!"

Booooooo!! Madge SHOULD have been included in the movies. She humanizes Katness and is so very important .... I'm sad she's not in the movies. It would have been only a few scenes .... Boo!

I don't know what you guys plan to do but I know what I'm doing: 1. Wait for Mockingjay Part 2 to come out on DVD 2. Then...HUNGER GAMES MARATHON!

Seeing someone reading a book you love is seeing a book recommend a person www.janetcampbell...

This is so true! How are we (college students) supposed to fit our 3 5000 page books, notes and papers, and a laptop on that little desk?

It's why I always look at people's tagged photos, thats the true them (:

I Dont Mind Cancelled Plans Either