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.i remember these from grandmas house. now i don't know if this is what they should have been used for, but i remember that at the end of the night, she'd take them and wrap in old sheets and put them in the bed before i got in. wonderful against those very nicely argo starched sheets...i loved it then, can't imagine sleeping on starched sheets now...TLK (rePinned 093013TLK)

Irons that needed heating up on the stove, with a much higher risk of getting burned fingers.

antique irons on the window sill of a laundry room (especially ironic because I loathe that chore)

Coal coals were placed inside to heat, then used to press clothes.

Antique iron -something like this for your door stops!!!

Tony Abbott's Working Mothers Scheme. Inspiration for my project with domestic objects in milk powder etc

another antique iron. i think they're cool!

Antique clothes irons. I remember seeing this charcoal filled iron when I was very young. You had to be very careful that the embers do not land on your clothes.