Baby animals, like these cute little lambs, are a sweet part of spring.

ALTERNATIVAS AO COURO: O poliuretano, com a sigla PU, tem sido amplamente usado em bolsas, jaquetas, sapatos, tênis etc por seu custo ser baixo. Oferece melhor aparência nas texturas (mais semelhante ao couro natural) e excelente qualidade. São muito resistentes ao ressecamento mantendo-se macio e agradável por muito tempo. São mais fáceis de serem tingidas. O descarte no ambiente pode ser prejudicial à natureza.

Cat and cow friends for some reason really like to hang around together. The cats usually get some milk and the cows get the company and something to relive their boredom.

Put a battery pack on this lamb and it would be how I remember Marlys Grimmius-- calming, loving, energizing....someone who cared.

Put a battery pack on this lamb and it would be how I remember Marlys Grimmius-- calming, loving, energizing.someone who cared.

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Gentoo Penguin - Gentoo Penguin Fast Facts~ Type: Bird Diet: Carnivore Average life span in the wild: 15 to 20 years Size: 30 in cm) Weight: 12 lbs kg)

South Down Babydolls

Miniature baby doll sheep may be the cutest breed of sheep in existence. They’re useful, too–Peter Yealands, a New Zealand winemaker, is using the rare breed (only 300 are left) to cut down on the carbon footprint of his wine.

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This is a mini babydoll southdown lamb. This breed of sheep is known for a nice wool, a smaller and easy to handle size, and for being sweet cuties! They are great for lawn and weed control. I love the Babydolls =) Look at that face.

oh to be filled with this much joy

This sheep is dancing a happy jig. What makes you so happy you'd dance a happy jig? Explain at least three things that make you deliriously happy.


This duckling was one of the smallest baby ducks I ever saw. I guess he just stepped out of his egg ;) But newborn baby bird or not.he could swim like not other.