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  • Ramona Müller-C.

    How to grow sweet potato ... Container veggie gardening, great for front yard gardening...

  • Jordanne Berry-Garlin

    growing sweet potatoes- sweet potatoe vines are MOST BEAUTIFUL!

  • Sandy Cols

    Good Info on Growing Your Own Sweet Potatoes. To cure potatoes: starting on harvest day, keep sweet potatoes at 85 to 90 degrees for 5 days. The sweet potato will grow a second skin, which is an incredibly effective seal. After curing, you can leave a sweet potato on the counter for several months without noticeable moisture loss. also see

  • PPD Mercatique, Gigi Gallo CEO

    Bella Jardin, Gorgeous Gardens: Growing sweet potatoes.

  • Amber Zimmerman-Harbour

    How to Plan Your Garden Food Production for Self-Sufficiency

  • Vanessa Lawson

    Grow Your Own Sweet Potatoes...OMG! My father would have been all over this! He loved growing potatoes! lol RIP Leslie M. Blake...aka "Daddy"

  • Someone

    green thumb /// grow sweet potatoes

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Have questions about growing sweet potatoes? You'll find lots of answers here!

Grow your own sweet potatoes. Cut and soak sweet potatoes. After a few weeks of soaking, your sweet potato halves should be covered with sprouts. Some of the sprouts will already have roots. Plant them along horseradish to boost their disease resistance and later you can enjoy a crop of sweet potatoes!.

Grow Your Own Sweet Potatoes FROM a sweet potato

how to prepare a sweet potato for planting!

Cut potato in half. Place cut side down into a container with enough water so that about an inch or two of the potato is submerged. After 4-6 weeks, you should have a nice growth of little baby sweet potato plants: slips. Some will already have roots & are ready for planting. Remove the sprouts by snapping them off at the point where they emerge from the sweet potato tuber. Pinch off the rootless ones, place in water & in a few days they will root also.

Grow your own sweet potatoes. If I had known it was this easy I would have started them sooner!

20-gallon Bucket-Grown Sweet Potatoes -- What kind to grow, how to grow more sweet potatoes from an already grown sweet potato, when to plant and harvest, how to store your crop

how to grow sweet potatoes! cool link with lots of info.

growing potatoes... I am never successful with potatoes, except when I chuck them in a hole and forget about them!

Growing your own sweet potato starts so you can plant in your garden. My mom has done this my whole life. So easy!