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A bundle of instructions. Maybe make a form like a big cookie cutter. Straight cut and lightly sand ends of branches, maybe 2" in length. Use multiple size branches for variety and to fill gaps. Glue together as you squeeze into the mold. When dry, remove mold. Yeah...think that would work!

Step by Step DIY- Stars - The page also has many other pictures, beauty related, DIY hair related.. Check them all, pin them all :)

101 Days of Christmas: Paper Star Ornaments | Christmas Your Way

how to make a pentagon or a star from a square piece of paper. After following the folding instructions cut straight across the top of the line, made by the paper, or cut on a slope to make the star

Woven paper star, this blog shows you how to make these delicate paper stars. But I don't know about cutting up old books.. just makes me think of Fahrenheit 451, I might have to just use paper made to look old... then again maybe cutting up law schooll texts wouldn't be too bad...

Thinking would be cute to do for a party, on the door as a wreath, or maybe on the boy's wall in a cute paper...?? In any case, it is a good trick to have up my sleeve.

Make your own folded paper stars/star-shaped gift boxes || minieco

Lickety-split stars like magic! How to Make Easy 1-Cut Paper Stars {101 Days of Christmas at}