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    Animal Research Folder: A Fact Finding Mission We're way into our animal unit and I'm needing to wrap things up and move on. We've spent time learning the words related to this unit and have been reading from nonfiction book and our text books about adaptations, food chains and ecosystems. Here is a triple circle map on the difference betweeen ecosystems, communities and populations.

    Scroll down and learn the lyrics to the simple machine song. It is sung to the tune of "She'll be coming around the Mountain."

    Third Grade Thinkers: Science: A Soil Study-Layers of Soil-high school adaptation: have students make, but have the layers act as flaps. Write notes on each layer under the flap. Acts as a study tool.

    Third Grade Thinkers: Types of Soil Investigation and Printable

    What is in soil, plus tons of science notebook ideas for primary grades.

    Good idea for question board, but I would have students add answers as they are discovered. Next level would be to have students generate questions.

    Layers of soill. Bedrock- mini marshmallows. Subsoil- cheerios (whole and crumbled) Topsoil- cocoa krispies mixed with mini m&m;'s for Humus. Topped with a gummy worm

    Third Grade Thinkers: Science: Earth Cycles. I can also use this as 4th grade review when they forget that they learned this in 3rd grade

    Third Grade Thinkers: Science Investigation: A Soil Study

    What is soil? Who lives in dirt? How does earth help things grow? The answers are within this fun- and fact-filled picture book. Just follow the gardening star-nosed mole in the colorful outfits...and dig in!! Show more Show less

    Third Grade Thinkers: Science Investigation: A Soil Study