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Manage Your Negative Self-Talk to Take Your Life to a Happier Place

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23 Charts to Make Everyone Feel Happier


Feng Shui Plant

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Make Your Home A Happier Place

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20 Experiences You Should Have Before You Turn 30

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The ultimate bucket list for millennials - I"ve done them all with the exception of throwing a fundraiser.

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Make a difference #volunteer today!

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Mentoring in Small Business Mentoring is a key action, not only in business but in life in general. Think of parenting, teaching, sports, etc. and the value of a mentor is indisputable. Organizations and businesses that are skillful in implementing a mentoring culture perform better and have happier members and employees.


ANA - AfterNarcAbuse on

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Self Care/ you have to take care of yourself first if you want to take care of others that you love.

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Many cats love to stay indoors and are never happier than when padding around the house. Yet sometimes your cat may become less content, which can be distressing both for you and your pet. The following infographic from Terrys Fabrics looks at how to keep your cat happy indoors.

Modern Mrs. Darcyfrom Modern Mrs. Darcy

Favorite Books from 2012

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The Happiness Project

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Happier at Home: Kiss More, Jump More, Abandon a Project, Read Samuel Johnson, and My Other Experiments in the Practice of Everyday Life, Gretchen Rubin. Great follow-up to The Happiness Project.

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I'm not sure I really knew what it meant... I guess you cannot really ever understand something unless you actually experience it... Damn I am totally at peace with myself! :P

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♥ Inspirational Quotes ♥ If you find yourself a bit irritated or overwhelmed, it's a sign that you're spending less time with God and more time with this world.

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I find this true particularly if there is a disagreement. I also find this true when I am trying to help someone else. I become so concerned that I try to articulate any possible thought that may help them. While at times its been a lot. Most times I achieve what I set out to do. Nothing makes a Libra happier than peace/harmony. For me that includes those I love being at peace. ♥

Fashion 1950

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1950 S Dress

50'S Dress

vintage 50s dress; if women wore dresses like this I think the world would be a happier place. How can you help but smile?

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It's strange to think about where you would be today if you made different decisions up until this point. I have made a lot of not so great choices in my life but last year I made changes that I am very proud of! Deciding to change my lifestyle has not only changed my body physically but also my mind and spirit. I have had more fun in the last 12 months than I ever had. I have been awarded opportunities that I only would have gotten through Beachbody and the choices I made last year.

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Selflove Youcompleteyou

Just in case you needed some help getting started...❤️❤️ #SelfLove #YouCompleteYou #GoodVibesOnly

Carrie Ellefrom Carrie Elle

Make Your Bathroom a Happier Place with these Bright Bathroom Printables

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Kiddos Bathroom

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Free Kids Bathroom Printables

Brighten up your bathroom with these cheerful and happy bathroom printables. These are great for the kids' bathroom, but I love them for my own, too! #choosefriendly sponsored by hello products

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Zig Ziglar

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give them your smile :-) #zigziglar

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Simple Homekeeping ::: Getting Organized

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Seriously guys, clutter will the ruin even the most gorgeous room! Not to mention make you feel more stressed and uneasy.

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