1960s Japanese Cigarette advertisement - 3 As, soft taste and an appearance of freshness (which obviously attracts the birds?!). 20 cigs for 60 Yen! S)

死 エレジー

Vintage Japanese matchbox label

vintage matchbox label: vintage Japanese matchbox label

Suntory Red

#flowers #dustypink Beautiful colour palette and textures. www.naturalhistory.co.uk

alvinn diec


Vintage bottle caps

poster layout

femme fatale: By B T O

Maybe we can have a spread with one student from each school (elementary, middle and high) and have top half of their faces cut liked this design and show common thoughts that goes around in those students. This is to show the change in how we think as we mature and get | http://graphic-design-collections-644.blogspot.com

Negative space. Cover of The Kama Sutra (Penguins Classics Deluxe Editions). Illustrations: Malika Favre.

poster designer: Erin O'Connor // band: The Swell Season, location: Palace Theatre, Columbus OH, 2008 // found on Gig Posters

Japanese food type by Masaaki Hiromura

triangle graphic #Graphic Design| http://best-graphic-designs-collections.blogspot.com

.....Pan Am travel poster | c. 1960s | via tumblr..... Carnaby Street style Mary Quant!!! Love this.

3-D type. Lovely texture.

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