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    This is a very cool perspective picture. Taking the picture from a different view (through the water) adds enhancement on the Eiffel Tower and it's cool how it's upside down through the water.

    It's the rest of the world that's upside down. And yeah, I may be 29 but I still like bubbles, got it? #individual



    Ceiling Art in a Smoking Room | Designed by the Indian firm, Everest Branding Solutions for client Cancer Patients Aid Association(CPAA).

    Photography, black and white, foot,

    the ground must be heavy

    Forced perspective.

    Smoke in the Wind by [zach]souliere.

    moth man

    Forced Perspective...


    "Creativity is not a noun, a mood or a feeling. It’s an essential verb, it’s action and, ultimately, it is love. Because to leave your fingerprints on your own life and inevitably, on those lives you touch, you need to love yourself (your life) like mad." ~ 29 ways to stay creative: it starts with darkness | rebelle society

    Cool angle.. gotta remember this

    Le croissant d'argent is amazing..I love the light and the chair..the thoughts it provoked...the sense of oneness with creation represented by the light falling on the shadow..purely my prospective on the piece...~neilsonpm

    by Alejandro Marcos- random Gwen Stefani look alike taking a nap on the sidewalk isnt really something im into but i like the way this photo was taken...