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How to Use a Promethean Board in the Classroom

by Beverley Lee
Engaging students in lessons takes skill and good classroom management, and using modern technology is always a plus for this endeavor. A Promethean board in the classroom helps you keep students involved in learning. The Promethean board is a proprietary interactive whiteboard from Promethean World...
  • Sara Milewski

    Idea for using Promethean Boards. The post has a bunch of links for resources at the end. (For all of my MMSD peeps who are being granted technology without any idea how to use it...)

  • Jessica Martinez

    How to Convert a JPEG to a Vector Image | eHow

  • Whimsy Woo Designs

    How to Print onto a Needlepoint Canvas | eHow UK

  • Been Lee

    Virtual machines are software-generated virtual PCs that run concurrently on your computer. Virtual machines are most commonly used on machines running newer versions of Windows such as Windows Vista or Windows 7, or on XP computers where a different configuration for certain applications is desired

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