I just look at this vanity and it takes me back to my Greatgrandma's bedroom. I LOVED that vanity so much I've dreamed of it often over the years, and most fondly when I think of my Grandma Grace!! I MUST BUILD IT....Sounds like a Goal in my new place, De

Pakistan. Khairpur. Faiz Mahal. Architectural classic Faiz Mahal Khairpur District, in Sindh province of Pakistan. Was built in 1798 AD as palace of the Talpur. It was founded in 1783 by Mir Sohrab Khan, who established the Khairpur branch of the Talpur clan. The settlement was selected as the seat of the Mirs of northern Sindh. family.

I would love to do something similar to old windows, like La Fonda Restaurant in Santa Fe. Each one is different. <3

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