• Maggie Bergmann

    Colorful Garden! If only I had a green thumb!

  • Stephanie Whitt

    This Colorful garden border would look great in my front yard!

  • Corinne Bender

    Colorful flower garden and window boxes

  • S O E U R b. J E W E L R Y

    Flowers in the front yard & window boxes!! love the bright colors

  • Mrs. Wheat

    DREAM. But id kill it all. :( A blast of colors in this landscape planting with flowers and evergreens and flower boxes as though suspended in mid air. The well manicured house is almost secondary to the well manicured nature surrounding it.

  • Katya P

    I'm all greenthumbs and not in a good way... but I love this yard.

  • Stephanie Queen

    colorful garden border. I wish my flower bed looked like this... But I just don't have it in me!

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