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ok this is pretty neat. enter your current weight, goal weight, and other physical features and it created a model of you at your goal weight. Something fun to play with.

Pretty cool. Type in current weight, and goal weight and see the difference! Or....what you used to be, and your weight now! Big encouragment!

How can you tighten skin after weight loss, so you feel more accomplished, better about finishing your weight loss journey and living a healthier lifestyle

Women's Healthfrom Women's Health

100 Quick Weight-Loss Tips

100 Quick Weight-Loss Tips @POPSUGARFitness

Don't get rid of it! Embrass it! And quit having this ideal of a perfect flawless body! Movie stars and models make money to look like that and are airbrushed when they don't. Embrass a healthy you. Not the impractical one!

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From Flab to Fab: Tone Up in 15 Minutes

Stop muffin top, nip hips, and trim thighs! This Pilates and plyometrics routine tones every trouble zone.

This is pretty cool - click on body part you want to exercise and it will give you a plan!


How To Lose Weight In A Week - 23 Simple Tips

Weight Loss : Here are 25 simple pointers on a weekly diet plan to lose weight: ... #WeightLoss #LosingWeightTips

How to follow the Weight Watchers program without paying! Links to food calculators, Points Plus calculators, etc. Awesome!

TrimmedandTonedfrom TrimmedandToned

60 Weight Loss Transformations That Will Make Your Jaw Drop!

This girls body is similar to how my body was before I stated getting fit and her current level of fitness is what I want. She is my goal! It can be done

Minka Kellys treadmill workout: 1 minute at 5.0, 1 minute at 5.5, 1 minute at 6.0, 1 minute at 6.5, 1 minute at 7.0, 1 minute at 7.5, 1 minute at 8.0, 2 minutes at 4.5 Repeat five times. Love this, did this last year when I was training for a 5K and I lost like 8lbs in one week, running this every two days. :) It really works! Great way to lose weight fast!

ok this is pretty neat. enter your current weight, goal weight, and other physical features and it creates a model of what you could look like at your goal weight. Very cool!

I am doing this! 30 Day Ab Challenge-Results. It only takes about 15mins a night. thats not to much for this kind of results.