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So true! I have never understood why some people insist that thrift shops are a bad thing, or somehow beneath them.

Yes, I like stating my honest opinion. No, that does not make me a bitch. It's mean I'm real and not fake and I'd rather have real honost ppl in my life then 2 faced fake people!

The over abundance of these "Keep Calm" things is annoying, but this is so true and cannot go unpinned...

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Mea maxima culpa! Get the fun little book "Focuscrime" from

There's nothing I hate more than when all the guys leave the room and someone says "oh good let's change the channel" HECK NO. I'm watching this!!

! Even my FAMILY makes fun of my accent-that I don't know I have lol I owe it to the fact that my brothers and sisters grew up, for the most part in Dallas...and I was 3 when we moved to Paris, Tx. Paris is a small town right up near the Oklahoma border and I guess I picked up THEIR dialect lol making me different

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Nice, Normal Family Sign

The story of my family

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someecards and thrifting

Oh thanks, I got it at #Goodwill.


The thing about swearing…

Swearing...amen! Potty mouth is not the same as douchbag backstabbers manipulators shit talkers