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Links to a list of fine looking men in suspenders. Not a fan of them all, but, ya know.

From the Timelord's archive.. Doctor and his companions traveling through time and space.

The couch is big enough, save me some space Matt?

this was the original outfit they wanted for Matt but he hates it so much that they let him have the tweed jacket instead then he asked it he could have a bow tie and Steven was like no no no no but it looked to good. Steven also put his foot down when it came to the suspenders.... turns out no one listens to Moffat

Oh, have I not introduced you yet? Sorry, this is Matt - my future husband.

Matt Smith... can't you and I just get married or something already? >.<...

I suspected this was the case. Matt was taking it so hard and having his good friend Karen there would help with the transition.

Ah, to be the scarf on Baker, the celery on Davison, the glasses on Tennant, or the bow tie on Smith . . .

I feel like this is what the Doctor looks like when no one's watching. Somewhere between anger and complete depression. When he set out to see the Universe so many years ago, I think he was looking for some sort of sign that there is some great being watching over him, and if there is, I think he wants forgiveness from that being.

Gosh. I just really should have a board specifically for photos of Matt Smith.

i would love to pin this under men I'd like to marry but I think that gets a little creepy.