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  • Marie J Aimjie

    Louis XI (1423–1483) was a monarch of the House of Valois who ruled as King of France from 1461 to 1483. He succeeded his father Charles VII. Without direct foreign threats, he was able to eliminate his rebellious vassals, expand royal power, and strengthen the economic development of France. He died in August 1483 and was interred in the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Cléry (near Orléans). Louis XI was succeeded by his son, Charles VIII, who was thirteen. His daughter Anne of France became Regent.

  • Marie Cagnet

    Louis XI- 1423-1483 -roi de France à partir de 1461 - dynastie des Valois - Portrait anonyme du XVème siècle

  • Karin Vaneker

    Louis XI de France (1423-1483) Brooklyn Museum NY

  • Megan McConnell

    Accessories: 15th century Fuzzy/thrummed hats on Pinterest | 17 Pins

  • Jing Yang

    In 1475, she was ransomed by her cousin, King Louis XI of France. She later went to live in France where she died at the age of 52.

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