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    ♕ The Luxury Side of Life ♕ {a place for everything & everything in it's place}

    maybe my clothes would end up back in the closet instead of on the floor..

    "Three-ton trailer Tire blew out Amanda is a scalape Poor Amanda Oh Amanda Pissin' in his pores Amanda is scalape Beer can, ashtrays The telephone rings Amanda is scalape Poor Amanda Oh Amanda." -Jeffery Lewis

    master bedroom closet, hers? white, built in chest, etc. need more rods, fewer drawers & shelves? pretty. wood floor, ottoman

    How I imagine CLOSET A ...this type of cabinet/drawer system on one side of wall love this! and pretty and polished & neat looking since closet A is visible from dressing room and my bath. SO functional for me!!

    who has this many clothes?? oh and i love this closet

    Love everything about this room. I would add a painted ceiling to bring in a little more color.

    Looks like the dressing room in a very elegant dress shop, but the elements could be used in your home. Why not have an oriental rug & a chair if you have enough room? Take that extra bedroom that your child has long moved out of & redo it for yourself!

    Great closet! It's effectively separated. So we both can have our own side but it won't be super far apart. The mirror placement and size is tasteful too!

    BEAUTIFUL WARDROBE!! Love the transparency... motivation for organization too