10 low-budget pantry items everyone should have. my add: +garlic and lemons, minus the canned tuna due to bpa's, and the obvious vegan subs (applesauce, frozen banana, extrafirm tofu)

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Where to store fresh produce! This is a helpful guide for keeping your produce as fresh as possible.I have been storing my avocados, onions and tomatoes in the fridge!

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Freeze your fresh herbs in olive oil so you can cook with them all winter long (each cube equals about 2T of oil)

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So, you're running low on funds in your grocery budget for the month, but you still have a few meals that need to be made. You might be thinking that cooking a delicious meal on a budget might not be possible but, affordable family feasts are possible!...

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10 new ways to enjoy quinoa - love this!

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10 Helpful Tips for Beginner Cooks- SO useful!

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Whether you're preparing for a major preparing clean-out or you're about to load up on essentials for holiday baking and entertaining, there are quite a few items where an expiration date doesn't apply. When stored properly — in an airtight container, kept in a cool, dry place — there are a number of pantry staples that can last just about forever.

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