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New Orleans BBQ Shrimp

New Orleans BBQ Shrimp, closet cooking. A more "lets do this in our home kitchen take" since, unlike some other similar recipes, this calls for headless shrimp. An easy one with common ingredients.

Spicy New Orleans Shrimp

Spicy New Orleans Shrimp

Spicy New Orleans Shrimp: This was very tasty. It didn't take min to cook though, maybe 10 min. I don't think I would add as much sweet chile sauce next time either; it was a little too sweet. I served this over some white rice.

Shrimp Avocado Salad

Shrimp Avocado Salad Recipe. Light, cool, super low-carb, and ready in 5 minutes with no cooking involved, this is the perfect summer lunch or dinner.

Melt a stick of butter in the pan. slice one lemon and layer it on top of the butter. put down fresh shrimp, then sprinkle one pack of dried italian seasoning. put in the oven and bake at 350 for 15 min.

Perfectly Seared Scallops

Perfectly Seared Scallops! We serve these the way we know you will love them... It's simplicity at it's finest and all of our delectable dishes are prepared this way. Make reservations for dinner at the Captiva House restaurant:

Paula Deen Bubba’s Shrimp & Grits- I have had these and they are AMAZING ! This is the most exciting pin on my food board : )