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5 Easy Projects with Vintage & Mismatched Teacups

My favorite idea for storing jewelry! Place mismatched, random vintage teacups and saucers in a drawer to hold your precious jewels. Line the inside of the drawer with velvet or felt to prevent the cups from sliding around. LOVE THIS IDEA

I need this!  There are no DIY directions or link to buy - if somebody sees this and knows how to buy/make one, please let me know!  Thanks!  :)

Clothes Hanger This specially designed hanger has holes to neatly display and store up to 10 scarves. The hanger puts scarf options in plain sight and eliminates rummaging through a drawer to find the perfect one. I need to find one of these.

I need this!

From bread box to charging station. Convert a bread box into a charging station for small electronic devices. Just drill a hole in the back, insert a rubber grommet, and thread the power-strip cord through.what has this world come to?

It's no secret that I am all about de-cluttering these days. In fact, I recently took all the books of my coffee table and wiped it down to my Tom Ford book & my gold round tray. I was just feeling like my coffee table needed to breathe this week. I find that there are moments when I walk

Styling advice: A decorator's secret weapon. . .

Kinda mad I never thought of this.

Velcro dollar store containers to the bottom of the drawer so they don't slide around- Perfect for Make up & Jewelry! - Velcro dollar store containers to the bottom of the drawer so they don’t slide.

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Upcycled Picture Frame Ideas- 10 Uses for Your old Picture Frames

For your glasses.this is perfect I never know what to do with my sunglasses! (could make a small one for our glasses to hang on in the bathroom and one for the bedroom).

Don't just lock away your supplies... keep them organized in colorful small containers. Life is already too grey!

Crafting a Craft Room

IHeart Organizing: Organized "Dream Home" Tour - Uniform storage boxes and clear containers are great for a combined office/craft supplies in a closet.

Accessories make the outfit.

39 Ways to Sneak Storage Into Your Home

A rake attached to back of door holds an array of necklaces + other ideas to find extra storage space in every room of the house.

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