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This is absolutely amazing!


kiddos <3 by tabbate


Timeless Mother's Day quotes

life's little instructions

True Friendship - so thankful for friends Iike this!


Live in the present moment. Don't waste energy on the future--it hasn't happened yet! #ReawakenYourBrilliance

For my girls. I wanna frame it & put it on their walls.....

Time Sympathy Card via Cleverhand Press #Etsy

I love being a mother

99.999% of people fall in love. That's easy. Staying in love is the hard part. It's those amazing few that persevere and understand that rough patches aren't an excuse to give up that have found true love and know God's true purpose for it. My hat goes off to you, and I pray that I find that too.

:] love this!

' Forgive others,not because they deserve forgiveness,but because you deserve peace.'

the truth!

Because I love you.

Scriptures you can pray over your children in a daily basis. kidsinministry.or...

Lord, Some days this Mama gets tired. So tired, in fact, that I just won’t know what to do except… set my face before You.

your children are the greatest gift God will ever give you. take time with them, teach them to have faith in God.