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    Good point.

    3y Saved to true true.....
    • Jessica V

      Not sure what I think about 2012 but I chuckled a little at the truth and profanity behind this! *Excuse the poor taste in vocabulary choice, but it's just too funny not to repin!

    • Krystal Craiker

      A) The Maya civilization collapsed around AD 900 and were not "wiped out" by the Spanish. Descendants are still very much alive. B) That picture is a picture of the Aztec Sun Stone, which is not a calendar C)The Maya never said the world will end--it's simply the beginning of a new 13 baktun cycle. Just thought I'd clarify for my Pinterest friends...

    • Ashley Erickson

      Not sure what I think about 2012 but can't help but laugh a little at the truth behind this!

    • Bea Wellman

      lol doomsday 2012.....back handed, uncool HA. I have a question...I thought prophesy from other than a church leader is the "devils' work", I thought that they could not have any more gods before the "one true god" and I thought that the rapture was supposed to come "like a thief in the night" - yet Hollywood get's in on it - and hotdamn all the Christians have adopted this day as their own...makes you think there's something to this whole borrowing of religion thing huh?

    • Megan Meisberger

      Sorry about the F bomb! But thought it was funny.

    • Kym L Pasqualini

      Have a sense of humor . . . come on! lol

    • Julia Dream

      Funny stuff.

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