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Random But Cool: How to Make Bouncy Balls from Common Household Items!

I realize that this how-to strays a bit from our normal fare, but goshdarnit, it's too cool not to share! Maybe it's the overgrown kid inside me or my love of science (have I told y'all I was in the science club in high school?? Geek to the max.), but the idea of making bouncy balls--from scratch--o...
  • Wendy Desjarlais

    DIY bouncy balls from common household items. Another idea for summer crafts!

  • Lori Johnson Winger

    I totally have to do this!!! Borax, cornstarch, glue, food coloring, and water! #DIY Bouncy Balls

  • Joanna Boyle

    Rainy day activity ... make bouncy balls with Elmer's glue, borax, and cornstarch

  • Kathy Kennedy

    Homemade bouncy balls! borax (found in the laundry section of most grocery stores) cornstarch white glue (e.g., Elmer's glue - makes an opaque ball) or blue or clear school glue (makes a translucent ball) warm water food coloring (optional) measuring spoons spoon or craft stick to stir the mixture 2 small plastic containers for mixing marking pen watch with a second hand metric ruler zip-lock plastic baggie

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Even though these aren't as bouncy as a store-bought ball, they're still a lot of fun to make and play with.

How to Make-Your-Own Bouncy Balls by cometogetherkids: The kids can easily make these themselves with Elmer's white glue, food coloring, Borax powder, cornstarch and warm water! #DIY #Kids #Bouncy_Balls

The ball will start out sticky and messy, but will solidify as you knead it. Once the ball is less sticky, continue rolling between your hands until it is smooth and round! You can store your plastic ball in a sealed ziploc bag when you are finished playing with it. (The ball tends to flatten out a bit when sitting and does not normally last longer than a couple of days before drying out).

How to make a Bouncy Ball... Kids LOVE making and playing with these #kids #crafts

  • Nicole Harrison

    Will they keep their form. I tried to make these and after an hour or so they flatten.

HAVE to try!! Make your own bouncy ball!

How to make a bouncy ball! Kid's favorite!

  • Kate Ball

    Borax is toxic to pets! Be sure to keep these away from your fury family members.

  • Ansley Cestare

    How do u make it if you have no borax and don't want to get it

  • Kara H

    Borax is what makes it bouncy. Without borax, you literally can't make these.

  • Olivia Young

    this seems cool, i want to make it

  • grace ann

    It doesn't always work sometimes you have to make it multiple multiple times

SO COOL: Homemade {Rainbow} Glowing Bouncy Balls This would be something really fun to do with the older ones in the center.

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Bouncy Balls Borax Elmer’s Glue (clear or opaque) Food Coloring Craft sticks Pour 1 T glue into a small container. Add a couple drops of food coloring and mix. Add 1 t Borax. Wait fifteen seconds. Mix with a craft stick until too thick to stir anymore. Knead and roll the ball in your hands. It will be sticky at first, but eventually will turn rubbery and dry. 5. Bounce!

Come Together Kids: Make-Your-Own Bouncy Balls