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A wolf came out of the mist besides me. Its icy-blue eyes locked onto mine before it signaled me to follow it. I walked next to him deeper into the forest. When the wolf started to run I knew it would be impossible to keep up, but I maintain my pace without growing weary. It was an amazing feeling of freedom and I felt like I could ran forever. -Brendan

A site of much spiritual significance, Iona, found in the Inner Hebrides, was where St Columba settled in the sixth century and converted much of the British Isles to Christianity. It is a place of pilgrimage, not just for Christians, but Druids, Pagans and New Agers too. Tales of human sacrifice, fairy apparitions and ghostly re-enactments of Viking rampages have done nothing to dampen the mystery of the place that has been considered a sacred spot throughout the annals of history.

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Good Vibes here (The Good Vibe)

because throughout confusion nature strikes with time completeness once again and that shows that there is a God. We can breathe here through our troubles. And no matter your anxiousness about it, the wind will speak to you that it's alright.