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Evolving Disney Princesses.

wow this is so true, i love it! Disney princess evolution - Funny comparison of Disney princesses from different times. Never thought about it this way before

Because the "Frozen was the first" things irritate me to no end - oh I liked the movie, but people seem to forget things quite easily, and Frozen wasn't quite Disney's best...

FROZEN, the first Disney movie to teach girls that the first man won't always be right.>>>This one is true; so far as I can think right now.>>>>one of the only Disney movies to teach girls that a man doesn't have to save them; they can save themselves.

Disney Beast Age Analysis: This was kinda cute. @Kasandra Riehle Riehle Dipiazzo

Disney Beast Age Analysis

Disney Beast Age Analysis by ~Xibira on deviantART I had this same thought when seeing it in the theaters with my friend and I asked her and she's like no! so I was right!

Put a magician under a tree and shade that trick...

If Disney princesses had Facebook…


If Disney Princesses Went To High School surprisingly probably accurate. Haha rapunzels makes me laugh

*sniff* I remember this. Disney was in the process of buying all the rights to the non-Sesame street Muppets when Jim Henson died. (Kermit is the only shared Muppet between the two groups.) Disney chose to go ahead with the purchase even without Henson.

Sad and beautiful…

When Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets died in Disney released this picture of Mickey consoling Kermit the Frog. - What if he’s consoling Kermit because he remembers how he felt when Walt died and he doesn’t want anyone to go through that alone?

Best Disney line ever.

Cogsworth's line wasn't even in the script, he said it and the director loved it, so they kept it. This quote makes me laugh every.

Disney has taught me that your guy doesn't love you unless he picks you up and twirls you around. <3

Disney Princesses - every girl wants this to happen at least once in their life. Thankfully, I had a good guy friend give me this type of hug once. Let's just say that it's every bit as awesome in real life as it looks in film :)

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