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"Isn't it wonderful that he still has the same joyful smile that he had as a bubbly and cheerful toddler?" <-- repinning for this comment :-)

Bar Sherlock, at 221b Baker St. - drinks menu

If you need another reason to love Tom, here it is…

Okay, this is amazing to me. This guy takes dolls, removes the original paint, sometimes curls or cuts the hair and repaints the faces to look SO REALISTIC. Grace Kelly custom doll repaint by *noeling on deviantART

The name says it all.

Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits. This IS the recipe. Trust me. I worked there forever.

I need all of these. Like now..


Not really a funny thing.... but seriuosly where can I get one of these? Everyone ALWAYS has their phone with them


Lego Pacman for lyfe

Pac-Man Cufflinks

Pacman bottle opener $14.95

Pacman goes Social.

#SanValentin Celebrate a Nerdtastic Valentine's Day With Pac-Man Candy #valentinesday

Pacman Earrings

pacman cutaway necklace

Pac-Man Hoodie


Pac-Man Sugar Skull Created by Joby Cummings

GAME PARODY: Pacman (cosplay)

GAME PARODY: Pacman (cosplay)

Pac-Man Chocolates

Pacman Ring

Pac-Man Ghosts