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antique playing cards - nana and Grandy's diamond wedding anniversary...idea? Their faces on old cards&frame;?

974. The price range for gift items in the store was from fifteen to thirty dollars, and so the resort patrons gravitated to Coromo's paintings, not just because of the price, but because they were somehow more representative of their tropical resort experience. Over time he began to see a pattern emerging in these sales, they happened always on a couple's last day at the resort, when they were trying at the last minute to decide on gifts to take home.


the aces show famous sights of Switzerland (mountains, buildings, monuments, etc.); the court cards show traditional folklore costumes of different regions, two per card. 1910.

she practices the Tarot to do readings more on inner mood than for the future, which even she can't know, though she knows so much of the past//French antique playing cards.

Playing cards - Good old card games. So many excellent games. I grew up playing with my grandparents. Should have been a casino dealer.

Playing Card; South Netherlandish, ca. 1470-80 - Two watermarks appear in the paper of these cards. One is in the form of a fork-tailed Gothic letter "p" surmounted by a quatrefoil and appears at least in part, on the 2 of Nooses, the 2 of Dog Collars and the queen of Horns. The other is a shield with the letters "iado" surmounted by a crozier which appears, at least in part, on the 1,5,8 and 10 of Dog Collars, the 1,2 and knave of Nooses and the 8 of Horns.

My grandma taught me to play as a child. Hours around a table with little piles of cards all around that looked like a mess but made perfect sense to us. In between games we would swirl 4 complete decks (minus jokers) around and around to shuffle them. Such great memories.

Using a deck of cards as a collage base - kids make a fun personal exploration body of work with the theme 'Soul Searching' yr 9-11