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  • Brett Dishong

    Single Soldier Mom Surprises Daughter For Veterans Day

  • Amy Diaz

    Mother's sacrifice a lot for her kid(s). A military mom sacrifices for people she doesn't even know. She is a true hero. God speed soldier. Thank you for protecting us.

  • Dustin Nix

    A mother and daughter reunited after a tour in Iraq. God bless the sacrifice these incredible soldiers and sailors make for us.

  • Christy Powell

    CPT Terri Gurrola and her daughter. Photo taken 2007. // I saw this picture floating around Pinterest w/o info so I tracked it down and what a cool woman! And what a sweet moment. Thank you, vets.

  • Paul N Camille Badger

    Military. This photo gave me goosebumps, what a beautiful picture and brave mother and daughter. After these 9 months apart I can only imagine what that moment will be like for Paul and our daughters. He is my Hero and I appreciate everything he does for our family and country. Thank you to my amazing husband Paul and all the men and women who fight for our country! I appreciate everything you do from the bottom of my heart...

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would love a pic of me and my baby girl like this. beautiful. lightning and everything.

Thank you to the men and women who serve our country and us, and the 4-legged beings who serve us and them. All belong deep in our hearts.

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mother and child, this is so lovely and heart felt, i wish i had a photo like this with each one of my babies.