lid book Earth Day ideas

Magnetic Bottle lids Collage

Bottle Tops ( Doing this for my daughter's play area too cute.

Put a glue top on acrylic paint bottle and you can write with it.

bottle tops, glue on foam stickers. Instant stamps. cheap too! I just got really excited...Ernest and I have 1/2 a grocery bag full of bottle tops!

bottle caps fun for a childrens garden

Get out those plastic bottles!

bottle cap art

recycled plastic cap pole

DIY light-up Earth Day globes ~ Fun Paper Mache Project for kids

plastic bottle lids art

Art from plastic lids

bottle lids

plastic bottle cap crafts | Plastic Lid Monsters - Crafts by Amanda

Bottle cap art - Garden Art - love this!

crafts-kids-recycle-bottle-caps-michelle-stitzlein (11) Wow! These are all recycled bottle caps.

steps for bottle cap art

Oh, no! Do I need to start saving lids, too?

butterfly made with plastic bottle caps

Plastic Lid Monsters or use can lids that have been opened with the safety can opener no raw edges, paint the lids & decorate

bottle cap mural