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Handsome Black and White Country Cat Sitting on a Pole.

Sleepy Fox. Ok foxes and wolves are just so adorable.. sleeping fox.. maybe paint the sleeping one on the pillowcase?

Cat and Me. Don't get caught! #jump, #cat jumping, #cat, #kitty, #jumping cat

Mommy cat and kid - by °• ??? •° on Flickr I am going to stop pinning cats -there are too many to choose! #cute cats #Baby Cats|

Family of cats cuddling together in bed. Kittens are so cute like this. Makes you want to get close and listen to the purring. ~Me #kittens #cat #cute

I think my kittens have enough experience working with yarn that they should be able to make their own scarves now! Green.. - Click for More…oh my how i love black kitties…they always look as if they are thinking VERY deeply!

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Too funny to not repin at the risk of looking like a crazy cat lady

Kitten & parakeet. <3

Kitten & parakeet. <3

Kitten & parakeet. <3

if my husband weren't allergic, i'd gladly be a crazy cat lady

Can't I watch the wild horses??? Please!!!!

I wanna cuddle with him/her...I am absolutely a crazy cat lady :)

heart shaped whisker | Kittens | Pinterest | Heart, Cats and Cat Whiskers


Service puppy meets firefighter…

So sweet! I <3 this!