natural Christmas decorations love this

20 Easy Homemade Christmas Ornaments & Holiday Decorations

Natural Christmas Ornament - 20 Easy Handmade Holiday Ornaments and Decorations on HGTV I would glue a pretty red berry in the center of each acorn top or add a red satin bow for color!

pistashio christmas ornament...finally a use for all the pistashio shells

Pretty Pistachio Trim - Create natural texture by layering nutshells for a pretty pistachio ornament. The center of the trim is a simple foam egg shape.

Simple, Fun, and Oh how Pretty.....

DIY snowballs - Made these snowballs by dipping syrofoam balls into a bowl of watered-down white glue ~~ then rolling them in another bowl of clear glitter. We used bamboo skewers (sticks) to hold onto them and stuck.

Pine cone star

Mini Pine Cone Wreath Ornament, Gift Topper, Christmas Tree Hanging, Snowflake Decoration, or put something else in middle.

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could use polystyrene balls and attach things with glue gun/double sided tape/glue.