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No Excuses! Motivational Quotes to Get You Moving

"Couldn't be more true. The runner's high that you get once you commit to a sport that requires nothing but a pair of shoes is euphoric. It can be done anytime, anywhere and can give an individual the physical, mental and emotional toughness they need to get over mountains in life."

It's not about the speed with which you run, but actually getting up and doing it

You know I used to not feel this way, not even close. Once I got into running again recently..and I mean REALLY got into it it (running every day minus sundays! No slacking!) Im beginning to really see now why I felt so much better when I ran in the past and what all these dedicated runners are talking about..I'm still building my endurance day by day but I'll get there ♥ - liza

Runner's Worldfrom Runner's World

Monday Motivation: We Were Born To Run

Monday Motivation: We Were Born To Run | Runner's World

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except in the summer in florida its toooooo hot to just go at anytime. morning or night. period. lol