Iphone Whale Whale Whale

Nothing short of genius!

I've always wanted one of those "So I heard you like bad boys" texts.. Would totally make my day. :)

If I don't get this card when I get pregnant in the far away future, I will be mad; friends take note.



Friends TV show. Men vs Women. hahaha omg LOVE it so true and hilarious haha

They’re basically your partner in crime. | 27 Texts You'd Only Get From Your Best Friend

This unique distinction goes to about 40 metres wide small volcanic island called - Vulcan Point Island located in - Crater Lake (about 1.9 km across) located in - Volcano Island (aka Taal Valcano) (about 5-6 km wide) located in - Taal Lake (about 16 km across) located in - Taal Caldera on Luzon Island, Philippines.

disney finding nemo funny text message

hahah yep.

why do i find this funny


American Child Star vs. British Child Star

grammar matters

The longer you look the funnier it gets


Telling someone you love them in the best way possible. I adore rage comics. Does this count as a rage comic? Whatever.